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So, You Think You Can Blog? (Econotwist’s Greatest Hits 2010)

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Every serious blog is presenting their top lists for 2010 these days, so I better get my lists out there too. Frankly, I’m quite surprised by the response I’ve got. After all this was my first year as a full-time blogger. By summer last year, the econotwist’s blogs – mainly The Swapper and The Econotwist’s – reached 20.000 unique visitors per month. Some articles was also republished by other blogs, or featured on the publishing sites like Scribd. I estimate the top articles of Econotwist’s in 2010 was read by at least 200.000 people. And as usual I managed, completely unintended, to make some people a little bit angry.

“That article is about as credible as me writing about nuclear technology. Off-balance sheet transactions? SPEs? Interest Rate and Currency Swaps? Has that idiot even looked at an Annual report for BP?”

Reader’s response

The quote above was in response to the July 2 post – “So, You Thought BP Was An OIL Company?” I haven’t got that much pepper since I described DnB NOR‘s subsidiary in the Baltic region as at “financial lab rat”. Anyway, I see all feedback, good or bad, as extremely valuable. I have not been able to reply to all comments or requests. For that I apologize, and promise I’ll spend more time on your responses in 2011. As for themes I will be focusing on the technological side of the financial markets in addition to my other specialties – the relations between economy and ecology.

And I will have a couple of new prominent contributors joining in, as well as some other surprises…

But right now I want to give my sincere thanks to all of you who’s been cheering me on this year, making my first year as a blogger a definitive success.

To quote one of my favorite artists, (Keith Richards): GOLD RINGS TO YOU ALL !

And here is a summary of the most popular posts and publications by The Econotwist’s Blogs in 2010.



  1. So, You Thought BP Was An OIL Company?
  2. Mother Earth On Crack
  3. Volcano Ash Can Send The Earth Into “Deep Freeze”
  4. The Worlds Most Contagious Countries – Here’s The List
  5. Cyber Criminals Attack Critical Water, Oil and Gas Systems
  6. More Mysterious “Monster Fish” Comes To Surface
  7. The Ultimate Trading Weapon
  8. Norwegian Day Traders Convicted Of Market Manipulation
  9. Goldman Sachs: “Damn American Bastards!”
  10. Flight to Mystery
  11. The Sun Is Speaking!
  12. Here’s The REAL Norwegian PIIGS Exposure



  1. Goldman Sachs: Global Economics Weekly. June 2010.
  2. Non Performing Loans, Europe June 2010. PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  3. Letter From Geithner
  4. SULTANS OF SWAP: BP Potentially More Devastating than Lehman!
  5. Speech by Mr Ben S Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System, at Princeton. 09242010.
  6. Goldman Sachs: “On The Eve of The Bank StressTests”
  7. Tudor Investments Letter October 2010
  8. Saxo Bank. Quarterly Outlook. Q3 2010.
  9. BP Annual Report and Accounts 2009
  10. Bank of International Settlement. Quarterly Report. June 2010
  11. Oslo District Court. Final Verdict In The Case of Market Manipulation by Day Traders. 10122010.
  12. Fitch. Special Report. “CDS Spreads and Default Risk – Interpreting the Signals”- October 2010.


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#1. “Nobody Lnpws The Bubbles I’ve Seen” (By


#2. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot More RiskLess” (By



No matter what happens in 2011 – don’t forget to have some fun!

All The Best